More and more women seeking couples for poly dating

poly datingWhy are so many women seeking couples? A generation or two ago, it would've been unheard of for a woman to want to be in a relationship with a couple. It would've even been stranger if the woman wanted to have sex with both people in the couple. Things have changed, and women today like this sort of thing. It's not unheard of for women to seek out poly dating situations where they're involved with many couples at the same time. Today's modern woman is much different than those in the past. Anyone who doubts that hasn't seen the dating habits of these women in action.

Being bisexual means double the fun

Yes, it does. Why pretend that it doesn't? A bisexual woman is someone who gets to enjoy the best of both worlds. They aren't afraid to enjoy a man and a woman. Sometimes, they'll enjoy both sexes at the very same time. Why not? The world has changed and, along with it, the norms of yesteryear. A woman today seeks out sexual satisfaction and don't see it as taboo. Women today are upfront when it comes to talking about orgasms and their favorite sexual positions. Women are seen not as the delicate flowers they once were, but as equals in all aspects of life and the bedroom as well.

Poly means more and that's a good thing

Who doesn't want to have more sex? That's like saying you don't want more ice cream. Women who are into the poly world of dating enjoy sex more often than those who aren't. They have sexually fulling lives that have room for satisfaction and exploration. A person can't know who they are sexually without exploring themselves in the bedroom. A threesome gives a person the best chance of learning what they like. It also allows the woman to be devoured by a couple who is sexually eager to experience new things.

It has nothing to do with love

There was once a time when sex and love were the same for women. That's no longer the case, and these poly singles know it. They can have sex with multiple people and not think anything of it. Sex is an act of excitement and thrilling pleasure for some women. No longer do women attach feelings of emotion when having sex with someone else. They are in many ways, like men of the past. They want to enjoy themselves in the bedroom as much as possible. Being poly means they can do that with no strings attached.

Safe sex is a must for anyone who considers themselves a poly

Condoms and dental dams are tools of the trade when you're poly. You should have some in your purse or within reach at all times. Protecting yourself is a must as your health is of the utmost importance. You need to be healthy to be able to hop in the sack with all these people. You won't get anything done in between the sheets if you're chasing one sexually transmitted disease after another.

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